Our Services

Our Services

There is so much beauty
in our events because
we adopt colors, details, and
sensations that
are perfectly curated.

Floral Design

Harmony, proportion, balance, color. All in a bouquet of flowers, we feel that the presence of flowers transforms the environment, vitalizes the entire atmosphere with beauty and elevates the senses.

We know that each wedding is unique and different, that is why we adapt our services to meet your specific needs. Our signature style is classic, soft, organic and minimalist.

Just as nature can be a poem or a painting, we want our creations to express the grace of flowers and the outpouring of beauty in our hearts to make art with them. We story-tell with our floral designs and we look forward to crafting your beautiful story on your special day!

Á La Carte Floral Design

This service is perfect for couples who feel comfortable having an initial consultation with us. We understand that we may not see them until the day of the wedding. This consultation allows both, the floral agents and the couple to create something fabulous! This option is ideal for couples with a lower budget or with couples who know exactly what they want on their big day.

For us, the bouquet is the same style as the dress for the bride. We create different styles of boutonnière according to the groom's style and personality as we have a wide variety of materials, colors and special designs from which you can choose.

When it comes to delivering your idea or concept, our services are aimed at delivering creative results from the heart. With a relaxed and personal atmosphere, we love making your special event personalized and true to your vision.

Event Design
& Styling

We know how important this day is for you. Perhaps you have dreamed of your wedding, birthday, an elopement, the launch of your brand, a special event, or maybe you just want a small intimate meeting, but you don't know where to start designing. Allow us to help you transform your vision into reality!

We create the complete design of your event. From the concept to how it will look, to making sure that each piece is in alignment with your vision, so it happens just as you imagined it.

If you're also working with an event planner, let me tell you, we love meeting new industry professionals! We are happy to collaborate with them to design your event to perfection. All our packages are individually created for each occasion, from a small event to an extravagant event.